Meet Cheyn

May 22, 2023

The Fastest Way to Create Production-Ready Mockups with 3D.

Cheyn offers a simple approach to creating 3D clothes, samples, and mock-ups. With our platform, you can design fashion in seconds without needing design expertise or 3D tool proficiency, and it's free.

Hello, everyone! We are Daniel and Ali, and we're thrilled to introduce our brainchild: Cheyn, the quickest way to produce ready-for-production clothes using 3D superpowers right in your browser.

That's right, 3D in your browser.

Cheyn provides a familiar interface, functioning much like Canva or other design tools. You simply select a blank template, add fabrics, customize colors, add extras, and integrate prints or text. Easily download PNG and pattern files.

Who's Behind Cheyn?

Cheyn was founded by Ali Azimi and Daniel Ternes and is operated remotely from around the world. Ali brings a background in Marketing and Fashion, while Daniel serves as the technical brain behind Cheyn. Alongside Daniela, Thao, and David, we're currently providing everyone with the tools to create stunning mockups.

Why Cheyn?

As fashion enthusiasts, we found it challenging to create samples, mock-ups, and commence production swiftly. 3D tools are complex and restricted to PC use only.

It's like Canva and CLO3D coming together”

-Thao, 3D Fashion Designer

We know it's a competitive field, but we saw an opportunity for a new type of 3D design experience with a distinct business model. We aim to make sampling and production easy, beautiful, and fast. We're big fans of web-based design tools like Canva and Miro and wanted to offer a similar experience. Just start from a blank template and customize it to your needs.

What Does the Future Hold?

We launched the closed beta version of Cheyn in May and are currently engaging with early users who are helping us refine and improve the product.

We've already gathered initial feedback. We have a public roadmap and welcome anyone with feedback or suggestions to join our Discord community, or to reach out via Twitter or email.